The heritage of Swallows Rest

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The heritage of Swallows Rest

Last week saw the unveiling of Swallows Rest. The fifth property to be added to the Little Hideaways portfolio.

A unique and outstanding property that stands proudly on the family farm, but it wasn’t always like that and over the years the site has seen a great deal of change.

Above the 1960’s cottage that was demolished in 2019 ahead of Swallows Rest being built

Above the new Swallows Rest 2022

Thrunton Lowfield has been a farm for hundreds of years and in its more recent 30 years the Ellis family have been its custodians.

We’ve been digging through the archives to bring you an insight as to how the site has evolved over time and the build process of the new luxurious cottage. As farmers, Andrew and Jane have always felt that looking after the land and making sure it’s well cared for is a privilege and so when the old 1960’s pebble dash cottage had lived out its time, it was time for change to take place once again.

We believe the above photo dates back 100 years. The original cottage site (on the bottom left of the photo) forms one of once four properties on the farm. No doubt helping to provide accommodation for shepherds.

The above photo looks to be taken in the 1960’s when just three properties remain on the site and the cottage site in questions is sporting a much newer 1960’s build.

Out of view in this picture the cottage site’s south westerly garden provided a magnificent vegetable plot!

The above picture was taken in 1996 only 4 years after we as a family moved to Thrunton Lowfield, now only two properties remain, the farm house and the 1960’s cottage.

In a two-and-a-half-year project (at times, compromised by a covid pandemic!) the old 1960’s bungalow was taken down and Swallows Rest emerged. We believe this to be the third cottage in its place from the history we hold. The first one we know of we believe to be over 100 years ago, followed by its replacement in the 1960’s.

No longer energy efficient and in need of much refurbishment in 2019 we decided a more modern replacement would be beneficial.

Using local master crafts men Swallows Rest was created to be much more energy efficient but still make the most of the spectacular views, whilst helping to maintain and improve Thrunton Lowfield and adding to its history.