The pull of wanderlust

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The pull of wanderlust

Last year we were asked a few times from other cottage owners, how do you go about doing things.

Following what seems to have been a very bizarre year, we decided to kick off 2021 with a blog page dedicated to information for owners. Follow us for a series of blog posts that we hope will provide helpful information for established cottage owners and new prospective cottage owners alike.

The industry is quite literally hot property in some areas right now and competition can be fierce. So, getting things right to make sure you stand out from the crowd is essential.

Having one to two holidays a year for the majority of people has now become a right of passage, gone are the days when a family holiday was a day at the seaside. The need for holidays and time away became evident in 2020 when the world was struck by a pandemic, instigating travel restrictions and cancelled holidays.

Staycations, even in my mind for a long time, has often been associated with the older generation, however the UK has an abundance of opportunities for all ages.

Perhaps it because those with young families and millennials have known travel to be so much easier and offer so much more opportunity than older generations. Or perhaps our need for guaranteed warm weather has become such a pull that a staycation has been seen as a secondary holiday or weekend break away.

One thing is for sure, as cottage owners, in 2020 we were inundated with requests for cottage rental and when the travel restrictions were lifted after the first lock down, bookings sky rocketed with waiting lists. We are a nation that really do love our holidays, perhaps our work demands now a days drives us to needing that time out. Or perhaps because virtually we can visit anywhere in the world with a scroll or a click, or the pull of wanderlust is never far away.

Feel you want a piece of the action and want to invest in a holiday cottage, you’re not the only one. Just make sure you are considering all the associated costs and how much work is really involved.

The information we are providing is from our own thoughts and experience and any action taken as a result of reading our information is done so under your own merit and with your own assessment of risk.