Who are Little Hideaways?

Dream. Explore. Discover.

Welcome to our new website, the site where you can Dream. Explore. And Discover Northumberland and book your next stay with us in one of our cosy holiday cottages.

Little Hideaways is a collection of family owned holiday properties in the heart of Northumberland. Three hidden gems located in Seahouses, offering cosy charming stays, close to unspoilt beaches, ancient castles and access to stunning wildlife on your doorstep.

Seahouses harbour
Seahouses harbour

What’s our experience?

It all started back in the 1980’s, Mum and Dad being beef farmers in North Yorkshire, had three holiday cottages nestled on the farm.

Weekends were busy and I remember we were all roped in to help. My sister and I (then 4 and 7) used to get the job of tidying the toy cupboards. I’m not sure much tidying ever happened!

However, we often tried to set out our own path, we used to wait at the holiday cottages for guests arrival and try and sell them orange juice that we’d squeezed from fresh oranges we’d pinched from our Mum’s kitchen, or perfume we’d made from the roses in the garden!

As the years have gone by, I firmly set out for a career in hospitality and as a family we moved to Northumberland in 1991.

My first job at 15 was making beds for a local holiday cottage complex, where I learnt starting with a duvet cover inside out first really is the quickest way to get the cover on!

I’ve had some unforgettable career experiences since, alongside a degree in International Hospitality Management that took me to work and live in Canada at a five-star hotel, when I was 19, I then worked for the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate before running my own gin liqueur business for nearly 7 years.

So, here we are 30 years later coming full circle with different holiday cottages all under Little Hideaways!

We take our job seriously, and we’re passionate about the area. A lot of the time Rob (my husband) and I don’t get chance to stay in one of the cottages due to them being so busy, but every now and then we make sure we book a few days to stay in one. We like to road test them so we know guests are getting what they expect and we can make improvements as and when we need to.

With Little Hideaways you know you’re getting something we, as a family would want to stay in ourselves, we hope you can make yourself at home for your stay and allow yourself to, Dream. Explore. Discover.