The UK is no longer the underdog

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Why the UK staycation can no longer be classed as the underdog.

It finally feels like we can all let out a big sigh that things might be starting to get back to normal doesn’t it!

2022 travel feels like it might finally be back on the cards, and I know that we have got our holiday bookings locked in early. Gasp, that the people who make a living from UK holiday lets have booked to leave the country. Of course, we have! Just like everyone else we can’t wait to hop on a flight!

However, I have to admit, we did book our UK staycation first before we booked flights out of the country.

One thing that we have noticed over the last two years is the huge volume of guests that have visited Northumberland for the first time and it’s safe to say, the majority of them have fallen in love!

As the saying goes it’s always easier to welcome repeat guests back than find new guests each season. Tern Cottage, our flagship cottage where Little Hideaways all began now welcomes 20% of our guest back each year.

So if covid gave us anything it was an opportunity to show case our country and show our new guests what is out there!

With lots of regular guests, it’s becoming evident that the UK staycation is no longer the underdog.

Whilst we may not be blessed with wall-to-wall sunshine in our green and pleasant land, we do have some spectacular scenery that can’t be ignored. A staycation can also be a much quicker route to relaxation!

Our top tips for a quick and easy stay-cay:

Distance travelled: Does a staycation fill you with the thought of motorway queues and nightmare journeys? We often pick our staycations accordingly. So often we like to stay within 2/3 hours drive. Given that we’re an island you can cover quite a lot of ground in that time! If we do have to go further afield, last year we drove to Devon, pick your timings if you can. Can you set off during the night with kids so they sleep? Can you head off on a mid-week day to avoid the Friday night rush?

Research ahead: One thing that helps in the UK is that everything is familiar, you know they’ll be a super market for food and the taxi guy will likely understand you when you tell them where you want to go! Why not research your stay ahead of time and decide what you want to do? That way you can hit the ground running! Lots if helpful information here is you’re visiting Northumberland.

Don’t stress about the weather! That’s right, the UK is green for a reason! We can’t get away from the fact that it rains! This doesn’t have to ruin your holiday though. Just go with an open mind, a rain coat and the right clothes and you can be prepared to enjoy anything!

So, what you waiting for. Even if you have booked your flights abroad, there is always room for a weekend in the UK and if you head to Northumberland, we’re sure you’ll want to come back again!