Captivating Castles & Family Fun

Bamburgh Castle Bamburgh Beach Little Hideaways Self Catering Cottages Northumberland

Captivating Castles

Northumberland has more castles than any other English county! That’s a lot of drawbridges, knights on horseback, medieval dungeons and not least history! Here’s our low down on some of Northumberland’s castles!

Alnwick Castle – The magical one!

Grab your broom stick and your wand, Alnwick Castle will transport you and your family to the magical wonderland of Harry Potter. Used as one of the locations to film the first Harry Potter story, families can fly on broomsticks, meet Hagrid and Harry and learn to put a spell on you!

Alnwick Castle Harry Potter Castle Little Hideaways Self Catering Cottages Northumberland

Home to the Percy family for over 700 years, this castle is still above all else a family home, meander through the state rooms ogling at it’s history and slotted neatly into it’s rooms you’ll see signs of the Percy’s everyday life such as family photos.

Dunstanburgh Castle – the scenic one!

Creating majestic shapes on the sky line in any weather, Dunstanburgh Castle has become famous for its ragged silhouette on the remote coastal landscape. Only reached by a short walk from Craster or Embleton the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle can be seen for miles.

Dunstanburgh Castle Little Hideaways Self Catering Cottages Northumberland

Bamburgh Castle – The famous one!

You can’t fail to notice Bamburgh Castle! Not least because if you search for Northumberland a picture of Bamburgh Castle will be of the first things you see and it’s not surprising!

Standing prominently on the hilltop overlooking the beautiful village of Bamburgh, you can’t help but look at awe at this magnificent castle, one of the largest inhabited castles in the country.

Castles Northumberland | Bamburgh Castle
Bamburgh Castle occupies a strong defensive position on top of a volcanic rock

Standing proudly over its breathtaking beach the views from Bamburgh Castle over the coastline are breathtaking.

Lindisfarne Castle – The Holy One!

Access alone to Lindisfarne Castle is an adventure in itself, perched on the hill top of a tidal island, Holy Island is cut off from the mainland twice a day.

Lindisfarne Castle Holy Island Little Hideaways Self Catering Cottages Northumberland

Recently undergoing some major restoration works, this small holy castle even has its own walled garden.

It’s location on the island makes it a surreal and stunningly beautiful visit.

Warkworth Castle & Hermitage– The impressive one!

The way Warkworth Castle appears as you drive through the village or Walkworth is impressive.

Warkworth Castle Warkworth Hermitage Little Hideaways Self Catering Cottages Northumberland

A huge empty fortress sat at the top of the hill, which in spring is surrounded by a carpet of daffodils is a glorious site. Overlooking the river coquet where not only can you explore the history of the Percy family, but then take a boat trip to the Hermitage across the river.

Whilst these are perhaps the most popular castles in the area, you don’t have to stop there! What about Chillingham Castle, Edlingham Castle, Norham Castle and Berwick Castle.