Wild Swimming the stress busting freedom sport

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Wild Swimming the stress busting freedom sport

Whether you want to reap the health benefits of the cold water, hate the idea of restricted swim times in the pool post covid or just want to introduce yourself to some mindfulness exercise. Northumberland has a myriad of beautiful options for wild swimming, but make sure you do your research.

Known for increasing endorphins, your immune system and general wellness, wild swimming is a hot topic.

Growing up in Northumberland as kids, we didn’t think twice about running into the North Sea in our swim suits or splashing around in River Beamish without a care in the world. I’m not sure what age it is that suddenly we think we’re too ‘old’ to do that sort of thing but doing something liberating such as wild swimming can be great for the heart and soul as well as allowing you to reconnect with nature.

If covid has taught us something it’s perhaps how to enjoy a simpler life and that our natural surroundings can create all the enjoyment we need.

With its deep plunge pool below the beautiful waterfall, Linhope Spout is one of the best places to wild swim. Set in the beauty of the Northumberland national park.

If you fancy a refreshing dip but perhaps don’t want a full plunge, River Beamish, whilst perhaps not quite deep enough for a full swim is great for a refreshing paddle.

A number of beaches in Northumberland are great spots for swimming, but make sure you check which beaches are safe for swimming.

Here’s some top tips if you are going to embark on a wild swimming trip.

  1. Always try and acclimatise yourself before embarking on a large dip! Try out some smaller experiences first so you can get used to some cold water.
  2. Wear a wet suit to begin with, especially in the North East, the climate can be chilly and the North Sea, even chillier!
  3. Never swim alone, always go with at least two of you and make sure friends and family know where you are. Perhaps even join a club or group if you’re new to the sport
  4. Check out the area first, check out where you’re going to get in and how you’ll get out.
  5. Make sure you have a warm drink for afterwards and some warm cosy clothes to wrap up warm when you get out.
  6. Always get out before you get too cold and don’t stay in the water too long.
  7. Make sure you do you research first to check an area is safe for swimming.

Above all, enjoy the refreshing liberating experience that is wild swimming!